Solutions for Professional Deputies

As you already know...  Professional Deputies are appointed by the Office of the Public Guardian to support people who lack mental capacity by helping them make decisions about their finances. The Court of Protection assigns a deputy when no one else is willing or able to act on behalf of that person. Sometimes the property of that person may have fallen into disrepair, whether neglected, hoarded, or structurally unsound, or perhaps it may require general improvement or adaptation. The Professional Deputy has the responsibility to take the appropriate remedy to deal with the matter in the best interests of that person's affairs.
There a many scenarios that determine the appropriate action in dealing with the property. The owner may be expected to return to the property at some point therefater. Perhaps the property needs adapting to cater for the owner's needs or illness to remain resident. Perhaps the owner needs another property finding or adapting which is more suitable for their future care needs. Or the owner may have entered permanent care so the property ought best be prepared for sale. Perhaps the Local Authority has issued an improvement order or notice to sort the property as they consider it dangerous. There are myriad situations that will govern the best steps forward in dealing with the problem property.
UK Property Rescue have assembled a professional, dedicated and trusted team of tradesmen to deal with the specific challenges and scenarios encountered in the "Problem Property" sector, providing a simple and unified solution to our Professional Deputy clients. Whether general building and remedial works, removal of hoarded items, garden and site clearances, electrical or gas safety issues, vermin and decontamination remedies, and anything in between, we provide a full-service solution under one roof. This unified solution means you can resolve the issues with one single point of contact. In addition to dealing with problems of disrepair, we also provide a property adaptation service to cater specifically for the needs or illness of the owner, as well as a property finding and adaptation service where an alternative property may be more suitable.
UK Property Rescue are instructed by you, the Professional Deputy, as to the needs and/or requirements in the specific case. We will inspect the property if necessary, and provide a report on the property if desired. Having a dedicated team in place to tackle all common issues arising under these cases, we can agree and approve a budget for any works required, action those efficiently to save time and money, allowing you to work expediently in the best interests of the owner. Whether the owner is returning, or the property is being sold, we'll project manage throughout and facilitate the outcome you desire. If there is another property sought for the owner that may be more suitable for their needs, then we offer a finding and adaptation service if required.
Yes, of course. Several of our Professional Deputy clients have expanded their remit under the Office of the Public Guardian to consider appointments arising under the new Guardianship (Missing Persons) Act, which was enacted in law in 2019. These cases are pertinent to persons missing beyond a period of 90 days, rather than due to mental incapacity, but the same property solutions apply. Due to the indeterminate nature of these cases, more flexible letting solutions are often provided initially, and UK Property Rescue can help with all of the property requirements, from remedial work and conversions, to letting management and maintenance. Later on, we can help with a subsequent sale of the property if that proves to be the best option.
Occasionally, there are cases where other complications and scenarios present themselves. For instance, UK Property Rescue may also be able to help in a situation where a property needs to sold on if the work is too extensive, or we may be able to help owner landlords with problem properties containing sitting tenants protected by the Rent Act, or perhaps there is another unique or unusual situation that arises. Just talk to us, we may be able to help, or provide a solution where the next course of action isn't always obvious.