Solutions for Local Authorities

As you know well...  long-term-empty, hoarded, filthy, verminous, overgrown and structurally dangerous properties form an ongoing problem for Empty Property Officers, Environmental Health Officers, and Housing & Building Control Officers within Local Authorities everyday in the course of your work. In most cases you resolve these situations amicably through the cooperation of the property owner, in other cases that are not resolved in an amicable or timely manner you take enforcement action through the broad range of Acts and Legislation available to enforce and remedy these problem property cases.
If the property owner defaults on any Statutory Notice served under the legislation available, then UK Property Rescue provide specialist services to tackle that work in default. We have dedicated teams in place to project manage and tackle all common issues arising under these notices. We can agree and approve a budget for the work, and because we do not contract to other general construction work for months ahead elsewhere, we can action it efficiently (often with 24-48 hours notice) to save further time and money, allowing you to remove the property from your case load.
UK Property Rescue have assembled a professional, dedicated and trusted team of tradesmen to deal with the specific challenges and scenarios encountered in the "Problem Property" sector, providing a simple and unified solution to our Local Authority clients. Whether general building and remedial works, removal of hoarded items, garden and site clearances, electrical or gas safety issues, filthy and verminous decontamination remedies, and anything in between, we provide a full-service solution under one roof. This unified solution means you can resolve the issues with one single point of contact.
UK Property Rescue have a thorough understanding of the legal framework in these matters, so whether for improvement, protection, prevention or whatever purpose stipulated under the governing Act, we will work with the Local Authority to remedy the notice accordingly. Working with the Council, often with only 24-48 hours notice, we always have a sub-team of people in place to undertake all aspects of the work, providing a simple and efficient one-stop solution for the Local Authority, often co-ordinating daily with their officers on the ground at the property. Please review our Case Studies (from the Main Menu bar) for detailed examples of recent cases undertaken with Local Authorities under different notices.
There are other scenarios for Local Authorities where UK Property Rescue can also help. For instance, Disabled Facilities Grants are available to make the required modifications to homes to provide a better quality of life for owners. UK Property Rescue provide the services to transform these properties to the specification required. Or, sometimes there may be unusual cases that fall outside of the most common requirements. For example, UK Property Rescue may also be able to help in a situation where a property needs to sold on if the work is too extensive, or we may be able to help landlords with problem properties containing sitting tenants protected by the Rent Act. Just talk to us, we may be able to help, or provide a solution where the next course of action isn't always obvious.