Solutions for Insurance Companies

Disasters happen! Fire, flood, earthquakes, tornados, landslides, etc... And when they happen the damage caused to properties can be considerable, if not catastrophic.
The main considerations are the cost of the recovery and the time it will take to restore the property to its original state. Often the property owners need accommodation for many months, or even years, until the work is completed and they can return to their home. Again, these costs must be met by the insurers in the meantime.
UK Property Rescue have assembled a professional, dedicated and trusted team of tradesmen to deal with the specific challenges presented by "Disaster Recovery", providing a simple and unified solution to our Insurance Company clients. Whether general building and remedial works, site clearances, electrical or gas issues, decontamination remedies, and anything in between, we provide a full-service solution under one roof. This unified solution means you can resolve the issues with one single point of contact.
Rather than break every component down to separate suppliers and tenders, we are confident that UK Property Rescue can tender for the recovery work in its entirety, and come in considerably under the total price of separate suppliers covering individual components of the work. Furthermore, if we are successful with our tender, then our unified team can ensure that we project manage and schedule the works with maximum efficiency, expediating the time to complete the work and re-house the owners, saving both time and money in the process.